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You will need PayPal for our online booking system.

Book online in 5 simple steps:

  1. Register/Log In
  2. Click ‘New Booking’
  3. Select a Service
  4. Select a Time
  5. Pay with PayPal

If you need to change or cancel an appointment we require a minimum of 24 hours notice, otherwise a 50% charge will be implemented. Missed appointments will be charged at full price.*

Certain treatments you are unable to book online as they may require a consultation first. But please feel free to contact us on 01273 470097 if you have a queries. ·

*Why do we charge for cancelled or missed appointments?

When the space is assigned and cancelled last minute, or the client does not turn up, it is highly unlikely that it will get re-booked, which means that as a salon we lose money. As a small business, we can’t afford to carry the cost of a cancelled last minute or missed appointment , especially as we like to invest in our amazing staff and their training. That said, we try to be as flexible as possible. If you are a regular client who regularly attends appointments and you have a genuine reason for cancelling (and you re-book) we can afford to take the ‘hit’. Unfortunately, some people repeatedly cancel appointments or block out large blocks of time then cancel (or do not turn up). When you multiply that across the number of clients we have in a week it can add up very quickly. We hope you understand. We rely on our clients and their loyalty at The Beauty Rooms and invest as much as we can into our salon so that we continue to offer fantastic treatments with highly qualified and friendly staff.